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Larry B. Wallace, O.D., Ph.D.
Behavioral Optometrist - Neuro Optometrist - Low Vision Specialist
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Vision Links
Vision and Learning
General Resources
Binocular Vision Impairments
  • Binocular Vision
    How does it work? Why do we need it?

  • Lazy Eye, Crossed-Eyes, Strabismus, etc.
    A large web site with many pages of easy-to-understand information on lazy eye, crossed-eyes (strabismus), eye muscle surgery, convergence, binocular vision impairments, and much more.

  • Eye Muscle Surgery and Vision Therapy
    Eye muscle surgery, a common treatment for crossed eyes and lazy eye, does not have great success rates. Even when necessary, eye muscle surgery has had improved success rates when coordinated with pre- and/or post-surgical Vision Therapy.

3D Stereo Vision
  • Eye Doctors and 3D Vision
    Eye doctors use stereoscopic 3D images to develop and reinforce 3D vision.

  • The Stereo Vision Project
    What is stereo vision? What is a binocular vision impairment?

    Learn to see in 3D! Visit the 3D Art Gallery and view Magic Eye stereograms, stereo photographs, optical illusions, and much more.

Optometric Organizations
  • Optometrists Network
    A national network of optometrists.

  • COVD -- The College of Optometrists in Vision Development
    An international professional organization which grants board certification in Vision Therapy to optometrists.
  • CSO -- College of Syntonic Optometry
    Members of this optometric organization are knowledgable in phototherapy or syntonics -- treatment of the visual system and nervous system with light therapy.

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